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This HOOP questionnaire and web app was devised by the charity Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) working with researchers Robin Means and Frances Heywood. It aims to provide useful information and suggestions to help you start to address any concerns you have.
HOOP is backed up by the EAC FirstStop Advice service, provided by EAC in partnership with other national and local organisations. FirstStop is a free, independent and impartial service, specialising in helping older people decide how best to meet their housing and care needs and aspirations.

Meet the FirstStop national advice team
Frances Auger - FirstStop Advisor

Frances Auger

Nick Coote - FirstStop Advisor

Nick Coote

Debbie Currivan - FirstStop Advisor

Debbie Currivan

John Plimsoll - FirstStop Advisor

John Plimsoll

Rosalind Barnes - FirstStop Advisor

Rosalind Barnes

Adam Hillier - FirstStop Advisor

Adam Hillier

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We can also suggest other specialist or local services that could help you address any problems you have identified. Please call or email our Advice Line (details above), or use EAC's Services Directory to find an advice service yourself.
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